Order up to 2000 Meals, daily

Preparing and delivering thousands of freshly prepared meals daily is facilitated by Indian Bento's 10,000 square foot commercial kitchen in San Francisco. Our team starts work at 4 am daily so as to prepare thousands of meals, delivered via our fleet of trucks to grocers and corporate cafes. No other business can prepare Indian food at scale, like we have done for 10 years.

Zero Preservatives

Our food is always preservative free, unlike other options on store shelves that extend food via additions. When you’re eating an Indian Bento meal you’re only consuming the freshest, cleanest, locally sourced ingredients. We also offer meals catering to a wide range of dietary restrictions. So if you’re looking for gluten free, all-vegetarian, nut allergen free or mild spice options, we’ve have got you covered.

Certified. With Flying Colors

Our state-of-the-art commercial commissary, that we built ourselves 5 years ago, has a HACCP plan, a food safety monitoring system to prevent biological or chemical hazards with storage, transportation, use, and preparation of perishable goods. We have also been certified via Amazon's Tier 2 Audit to prepare for future product expansion with Amazon and other major national brands. We’re fully prepared to handle the increasing demand for delicious, healthy and safe Indian food.

Food Safety Scorecard

Food Safety? Double Check

We are proud to have a 100% perfect score from San Francisco Department of Public Health, and are the only Indian food company from all of Whole Foods’ Indian vendors in the Bay Area to have such a score, today. We take food safety very seriously, so you can enjoy your meal knowing its made from the freshest ingredients and with compliance to industry leading standards. 

Fits Right Into Your Business Model

We sell direct-to-grocer products designed for consumers: Indian Bento Boxes, Hot Bar trays and also Corporate Meals. We pay attention to our customers’ business goals, whether that is cafe outsourcing for efficiency, or unit growth for grocers, and recommend different products that would work towards that business goal.

Post Sales Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in our “always-on” customer service. Whether it is a corporate customer, a reseller, a grocer, or  a consumer, we are always available to help . Our state of the art communication technology and a passionate team make sure that customers always have someone to talk to, 24x7.