Indian Bento brings delicious Indian food to you, no matter where you are. Offices order invigorating breakfasts, pick-me-up lunches or tikkas-and-taters happy hours. Grocers like Rainbow Grocery, Berkeley Bowl and Good Eggs stock our Bento Boxes. UCSF Hospitals amp up the taste with Indian food on patient trays and cafes. Or fly out with us at SFO's Pronto Stores in 4 terminals. Founded in 2009, we deliver to the San Francisco Bay Area, on-time and even early!

Indian Street Food

Indian Bento makes delicious food for all tastes. We serve office managers ordering for teams, grocers with packaged and hot bar Indian food, and corporate cafes where all Indian food is outsourced to us. We make energetic street food, such as kati rolls and bhel puri, delicacies you won't find at restaurants.

Come Fly Bento With Me

Pick up Indian Bento food at Pronto Stores in 4 terminals at the San Francisco International Airport. Find our (TDF) Roti Wraps and ready-to-eat Bentos in the Grab-and-Go food section.

Terminal 1

Terminal 2

Terminal 3

International Terminal G

Great Food Equals Happy Teams

Your employee happiness is our #1 priority. From startup ventures to corporate giants in the San Francisco Bay Area, from teams of 50 to 5,000, Indian Bento starts small and scales up, like you have.  Our 10,000 sq ft state-of-the-art commercial kitchen prepares food safely, and no matter how big your order, Indian Bento will always deliver the same tasty food with high quality.


(415) 970-8100

Zero Preservatives

Our packaged food is preservative free and  eclectic. We range from gluten-free and vegan options to meaty  tikkas and tantalizing street food options including our famous Roti Rolls, the signature product that catapulted us into national grocers 10 years ago. Our mission is to make Indian food approachable to all palates.

Indian Food at Scale

For food service partners that need a high volume of orders, we can deliver up to 5,000 meals daily. With our 10,000 sq ft commercial kitchen, we have supplied Indian meals to the University of California, on patient trays at UCSF hospitals, and to corporate cafeterias at Walmart and Intuit.


(415) 970-8100

Energetic Indian food

We prepare fresh food daily, starting at 4:00 am. Unlike restaurants, we don't use last week's tikka sauce, we cut out the double cream and fatty ghee, and make you delectable Indian food without the coma.

Pick your Style

We offer family style meals or individually portioned Bento Boxes so you can pick what best works for your team. Indian Bento food always fosters conversations and camaraderie.

Set your mealtimes

Pick the time that works for you, from 7 am to 7 pm. Our fleet of trucks zoom everywhere from San Francisco to Santa Cruz.

Rotate the menus

We have the memory of an Indian elephant. We rotate  menus, remember special requests, and take care of allergies.  Each person's preferences matters to us, as it does to you.


Meals served


Stores stocked


Delivery trucks

8 am

Food delivered

Easy Ordering

The Future of Food is Mobile

No matter if you're a 50-person team, a 5,000-strong company, or a food service partner, we deliver, setup and check back in. Leave the menu to us, or do hassle-free online ordering. You work on your business without worrying about food.


Reassuringly on time, even early

Since 2009, Indian Bento has served over 1 million meals. We're reassuringly on time, even early. We reply to emails and texts zippily, handle all dietary needs, with hassle-free delivery and setup.


"Pashmina, you made me look good!"


The food was fantastic, and Pashmina went above and beyond to make sure we had an amazing experience. Each dish was labeled with ingredients to avoid any food allergy disasters, and we had a great balance of meat, vegetarian, and vegan options... From start to finish, we truly enjoyed our experience with Indian Bento. Pashmina, you made me look good!

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Pashmina is the masterful chef behind this wonder.


Pashmina doesn't skimp on the ingredients and they are all quality and bursting with flavor. She also is cognizant not to just add a ton of heavy sauces and oils into her food and each dish is rich with flavor... For exceptional Indian food - check out Indian Bento. For catering check out Indian Bento. For an unreal ready meal - check out Indian Bento.

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Thanks to Indian Bento, I now have a new appreciation and like for Indian food! Honestly, I didn't really care for it before. But after ordering Indian Bento for the first time for a work lunch, my mind has been changed... AND THE FOOD?! DELICIOUS!! Chicken Tikka Masala, Chicken Kati Rolls, Veggie Kati Rolls, Slumdog Bhelpuri, Rice and Naan. I loved everything!!

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AppDynamics LOVES Indian Bento!


Pashmina is AMAZING!!!!! She is very quick to respond, always on time, and very generous with food and even throws in small desserts and sodas very once in a while. Definitely the best tasting Indian food I have eaten. There is no doubt every item is cooked with love.

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"Indian Bento really is as good as it gets..."


I have a large group of eager eaters, I have a very specific arrival time, I have multiple dietary restrictions I need to provide for, I have a strict budget, and man, I need to look good. Despite my stringent needs, Pashmina fulfilled and exceeded them all. It was like she high-fived me, said "consider it done, sister", and magicked a perfect meal out the air.

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Pashmina from Indian Bento just changed my life.


What Pashmina brings to the table is a perfect balance of authentic Indian fare (she grew up in Bombay), paired with a sort of California Cuisine that uses only fresh and locally sourced ingredients. She uses none of the sleepy additives that 99% of the other guys use, and her commitment to taste is unmatched. Just pop in one of her  world famous kati rolls and let your taste buds do the talking. They're absolutely phenomenal!

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Let's Do Indian!


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